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Our Story

The story behind the development of The SHEMP™ Yarn Company Inc. brand, SHEMP™, began as a group of wool industry producers and supporters from the American Sheep Industry and the American Wool Council initiated a discussion on the challenges to finding new uses for wool to develop new economic enterprises. These discussions coincided with the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing the growing of hemp in the United States after many years of being on the DEA list of forbidden crops. They decided that combining hemp with wool would be a natural choice to create a new industry for wool.

Our Team

Susan Barnhardt

Susan Barnhardt

President & Founder
Her collaborative style has yielded outstanding results in the development and execution of revenue generating marketing solutions for all. Susan’s no stranger to emerging markets or textiles. Her first experience promoting and selling novel products that had no market performance precedence occurred when she was tapped to launch the first pantyhose product, L’eggs. Years later, her success in launching products in emerging markets, creating high profile strategic alliances and her personal passion for environmental causes and sustainability would converge into an unbridled passion for the potential and importance of industrial fiber hemp

Lee-Anne Riggan

Lee-Anne Riggan

Lee-Anne Riggan comes to our company with a solid background of experience that will serve our company as we keep scaling innovation as we scale our company. Her education and work experience working within aspects of Finance, Legal, and HR will work positively to impact the ability of the makers and sellers of Shemp — Product, Design, Engineering, Marketing and Sales, to name a few — to reach customers. Aside from her education and work experience, Lee-Anne’s common sense, mental flexibility and collaborative style will integrate her successfully both as a member of our internal cross-functional team and as the liaison to the external customers we serve.

Jennifer Woodman

Jennifer M. Woodson

Textile Team Leader
Jennifer M. Woodson is a textile developer with over a decade of experience working with internationally recognized brands. During her graduate studies at North Carolina State University as an Institute of Textile Technology fellow, Jennifer extensively researched the sustainable initiatives being taken in the textile industry; from fiber and yarn production, to textile production, to apparel production. Jennifer has carried this passion for sustainable materials throughout her career and has worked with mills and factories across the globe to create products that are less taxing on the environment than their traditional counterparts.

Mitch Driggers

Mitch Driggers​

Wool Expert
Mitch Driggers had a long and distinguished career in the military which including his direct involvement with Defense Logistics Agency to secure Warfighter Clothing & Textiles throughout the Supply Chain. For the past 19 years, Mitch has been the Government Contracts Consultant for the American Sheep Industries Association and the American Wool Council. Mitch’s involvement with that organization lead him to be an integral partner in the development of the innovative mix of wool and hemp that creates our yarn. It is Mitch’s initial and ongoing validation as well as his expert advisement that has played and continues to play a major role in bringing Shemp to market.

Daniel Yohannes

Daniel Yohannes

Hemp Textile Fiber Expert
Dr. Daniel Yohannes is CEO of Renaissance Fiber. The company produces fiber from hemp, using inherently clean methods, for use in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. Their primary focus is the generation of textile-quality fiber for yarn production. Prior to Renaissance Fiber, Dr. Yohannes had spent over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He completed his Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at Purdue University; and, spent two years at Yale as an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr. Yohannes also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Rhode Island.


Kristin Adams

Product Development & Supply Chain Consultant
Kristin Adams is a serial entrepreneur, founder, and former CEO of the natural cosmetics brand Afterglow Cosmetics. Her vision for trend-spotting, deep understanding of the end-to-end product development process and e-commerce logistics, consumer psychographics, import/export, and safety laws have moved her into a role as a Strategic Consultant, and Branding & Product Development Consultant for emerging hemp manufactures, producers and lifestyle brands to bring to market product lines that speak to the leading edge of consumer needs.

Our Partners

Renaissance Fiber

Hemp Textile-Quality Fiber

Renaissance Fiber is our key to maintaining the SHEMP™ vision to produce an inherently clean, eco-friendly, and sustainable product. to delivering an ecofriendly, sustainable on the hemp fiber side. They produces fiber from hemp, using inherently clean methods, resulting in zero water waste remediation, delivering an ecofriendly, sustainable textile-quality fiber for yarn production. All their products are 100% domestic.

Wool Fiber

Chargeurs Wool has been working with us to determine the blend of wool and hemp that will best deliver the original SHEMP™ yarn product. the goals of Chargeurs in its innovating, preserving and sustainability efforts closely mirror ours in the production of SHEMP™. The team has provided us with ongoing advice and guidance as we move toward the production of SHEMP™.

National Spinning Company

Yarn Production

SYC (formerly HTI) has been collaborating with National Spinning for 2 years to develop SHEMP™. The team at NSC is the essential, reliable, trustworthy, “go-to” resource for SYC (formerly HTI) helping us to achieve success.

Nester Hosiery

Go-to-Market Assurance

Over the past 2 years, Nester Hosiery has been our go-to for advice on the yarn qualities needed to move forward with our initial target customer, socks. The guidance that we have received t from the EVP, Gina Ross, has been exceptional. We will be working with Nester to, not only test the yarn , but they will also create samples for us to provide to customers, influencers and outdoor enthusiasts to move SHEMP™ into the marketplace.

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