We’re celebrating SHEMP® yarn in the USA – come join us!

We’ve produced a unique wool hemp blended yarn that’s beautifully soft to touch, knits up a dream and is a joy to wear.

SHEMP® yarns are a small batch of fine yarns. The colors pop on a yarn that’s soft, strong, moisture-wicking and breathable, traceable and sustainable. You can take pride in your purchase!

Coastal Grandmother Collection

The SHEMP® Coastal Grandmother Collection is the perfect balance between bouncy Corriedale and long hemp fibers. This unique 3-ply yarn has been developed to produce a soft yet durable yarn perfect for making your next favorite piece. The wool-hemp blend pulls you back to the yarn’s origins and celebrates the true character of these fantastic fibers which is so lost in today’s mass-produced yarns.

Sally’s Colorful Sock Yarn

Not meant to have a same smooth and refined look but instead is meant to celebrate the attributes of the wool-hemp blend that makes it a PERFECT MATCH for SOCKS.

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