What is SHEMP™?

The SHEMP™ brand is an innovative mix of nature’s cleverest renewables, wool and hemp fiber, resulting in a USA produced worsted textile yarn with unique performance, appearance, and environmental properties. The innovative idea of combining wool and hemp versus the more common cotton and hemp, has been validated by experts at multiple levels.

Environmental impact

Hemp and wool are complimentary in terms of environmental impact. Both require little or no chemical influence to be productive (pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics) as opposed to the chemical used to grow cotton.

Fiber characteristics

The inherent fiber characteristics of hemp are like wool, that is that moisture vapor transport characteristics are similar. In comparison cotton does not do this, it absorbs water.

The SHEMP™ trademark provides assurance to our customers that our yarn meets the standards we have set for its production. As we move forward with SHEMP™, our customers will benefit from our organized advertising and public relations programs as well as our utilization of SHEMP in educational materials highlighting the philosophy of reduce, reuse, and recycle resulting in a focus of environmental responsibility.

The SHEMP™ Promise

Our SHEMP™ promise ensures that all our raw materials will be sustainably sourced and processed in the USA delivering greater social and environmental responsibility throughout the industrial system and the ability to support circularity through regeneration of SHEMP™ yarn after the lifespan of the garment.

We have established the SHEMP™ brand with its own identity. Our marketing plan centers around developing relative content with an emotional promise built around SHEMP’s appealing personality, effectively communicated consistently throughout our sales and marketing efforts.The demand for alternative fibers and the unsustainability of cotton creates a demand gap to be filled. Subscribing to the belief that the true solution to the sustainability of textiles resides in natural fibers and the growth of hemp and the proven fact that hemp requires vastly less water, land, pesticides, and chemicals, hemp is the most viable solution. SYC subscribes to the belief that our way of living is not sustainable, and we all have our role to play in the solution. An obligation to provide a better way for everyone to live on the Earth.Our goal is to ensure our enterprise benefits industries throughout the supply and value chain as well as supports the documented consumer behavior to purchase products with positive social effects.

SHEMP™ Values

Our usage of SHEMP™ as our brand identity and spokesperson will consistently reflect the following attributes:


• Eco-Friendly
• Trustworthy
• Fun
• Cozy
• Innovative
• Natural


Development of new uses and products for wool and hemp textiles using this renewable blend of fibers for both commercial and government customers.


Ensure that the production of SHEMP™ enables economic growth throughout the USA supply chain including wool and hemp growers, processors and manufacturers.

Value Proposition

Shemp contributes to the creation of a new USA textile industry joining wool and hemp to satisfy the identified need for sustainable long-term grassroots solutions to retain a balanced ecosystem.


With both suppliers and customers as our partners, we will build a resilient disciplined performance-management and relationship-benefiting tracking system across the chain.


SHEMP™ Yarn… a blend of nature’s cleverest renewables. Available mid-2021.

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