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Nature’s Cleverest Renewables

Combining the softness and versatility of wool with the strength and environmental benefits of hemp, the result is a yarn that has all the best qualities.

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A Prudent Resource in Wool

Sheering sheep doesn’t harm the animals, involves zero chemicals, uses very little energy, and produces no harmful by-products or emissions, making it the perfect resource for SHEMP™ yarn.

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Strength and Reliability in Hemp

Not only is hemp strong and earth-friendly, but it also presents significant economic and environmental benefits for investors, producers, and consumers. And, it’s the perfect companion to wool.

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The SHEMP Yarn Company

The SHEMP Yarn Company is the manufacturer of SHEMP yarn, an innovative mix of nature’s cleverest renewables, wool and fiber hemp. The inconvenient truth is that this industry is one of the world’s dirtiest, second to the oil industry. From field to market, we want to play a part in revitalizing the textile industry. We’re imagining a world where all textiles are sustainably produced – and that starts with the yarn needed to create them. .

we are a woman–owned
small business

we take pride that our product
is made in the usa

today’s consumers want
products that are eco-friendly

wool and hemp are sustainable
and environmentally sound

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